Michal Brimm, Ph.D.

As an author and psychologist, Michal Brimm, Ph.D., approaches her work with compassion and understanding. She’s driven by a desire to help others through personal transformation, by way of identifying our individual wirings.

Michal Brimm

A curious nature and unique educational background in biological sciences, counseling, mythology, and religion have given Dr. Brimm a distinctive lens through which to view the world around her. She has a deep desire to understand human behavior that is shaped by ancient motivations, particularly as they’re influenced by internal and external forces. Her work within her private psychotherapy practice has spanned over three decades, and the diversity of her clients has given her an understanding of behavioral traits or wirings that are consistently expressed by men and women.

My Books

Wiring: Exploring the Powerful Influence of Survival Traits

In her first book, you’ll discover the 10 universal traits that shape our everyday responses.

Discovery of the Self

Throughout the field of psychology, many researchers study feelings, expressions, and behaviors. Hormones, diet, parental influence, and brain chemistry have all been attributed to fluctuations in behavior, but little has been said about the impact or the origin of our survival behaviors. The inherent wiring of human beings is often overlooked, along with its relation to our natural survival instinct. Dr. Brimm’s work focuses on how many of our responses are often driven by old survival wiring. Her theory states that men and women respond to events in specific ways that are set within our biology.

In her debut book, Wiring: Exploring the Powerful Influence of Survival Traits, Dr. Brimm presents the reader with 10 common traits, or wirings, that she’s evaluated throughout her diverse client base. Each trait is brought to life through a narrative and case studies from her practice, which allows for easier understanding and practical application to everyday life. The reader is also given guidance on how to step over wirings that are preventing emotional growth, health, and happiness.

Dr. Brimm’s extensive experience and unique perspective bring a fresh approach to understanding the self. Readers will walk away with a sense of empowerment that they can change their lives and nurture their relationships by leaving behind existing wirings that no longer serve them.